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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tatted, once again

Guess who got another tat(sp?)? Me (: I got my first tat February of 2010. I got my second one last night. My first experience wasn't so great, cuz the place I went to was wackkk. I was overcharged & I was all alone in the room with the tattoo artist. I got a bad vibe from the artist also.. it was almost as if he was just rushing to get it done. I don't regret the tattoo, just the place I got it at. So if you're considering a tattoo, please do get a good place with good vibes.I hated the fact that I was alone & a friend couldn't be there for me.. especially since it was my first tattoo. My friends had to wait outside.. so dumb. 
But last night was just so awesome. I was at work & wanted to do something after work. So I DM one of my really good friends. I was like "ITS PAYDAY, LETS GO GET TATTED". Mind you, she works at Hollister with me. We're also family friends. At first, she was like aw, gotta pay people back and stuff.. blah blah blah. But then she was like aw, now I really want one. This was her first tattoo. She was super excited. As we started to figure out where to go & how are we getting there.. stuff like that,  my dad calls me while I was at her house & tells me that he cooked for me. I was like UMMMM, I'm at work.. I'll be home soon. So then we're like shiiiit, what are we gonna do now? While all of that was happening, I still didn't know what to get done. My friend already knew what she wanted, LOVE in korean. The plan was to go home, eat then go get tatted. But when I got home, my dad was of course being an ass & wouldn't let me out. But I always persuade him, cuz I mean I'm 19 already he can't really tell me if I can go out or not.
I was finally let out of the house. So I go pick up my 2 friends. And we head to the tattoo place.. btw yes, last minute I decided what I wanted. But its something that has come across my mind before. I wanted to get roman numerals, 27. Cuz my mom & dad were both born on the 27th. 
I swear the tattoo parlor looks like a dentist office with a bunch of people into deathmetal. Its a real site to see.. hehe I was kinda nervous. But then not really. My friend was way too excited. So she got love in korean on her side. It looks really good. And I got mine on my wrist area.. I say area cuz its not directly on my wrist. I posted some pictures on my twitter, so go check them out. I'll try & get the video up to.. tho I look like a complete mess!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

no posts? what's wrong with me?

I've been so busy with work & I haven't been home a lot. But I promise to try my best & keep up with this blog. Also, I started youtube videos.. not sure when they'll be up. But soon tho, still editing them. If you didn't yet, follow me on twitter: xjLASOUL I only have one video so far on my youtube. It's kinda old. It was when I started to use Mario Badescu products. My youtube channel is: youtube.com/missjlasoul LOL I get so nervous making videos. I know nobody is there, its just me & the camera. But I start to repeat myself or slur words. Very embarrassing.. hehe anyways.. Stay tuned for more videos & lots of post coming.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Whoa, I haven't posted in awhile. Been super busy. I've been working a lot. AND GUESS WHAT?! I might apply to SEPHORA! The other day I went there to see my bestfriend get her make up done for her senior prom. While I was watching, I had this sudden urge to work there. I've always loved Sephora & of course I'm addicted to makeup! <3 I mean like Hollister isn't a bad place to work at.. its just I guess I'm kinda bored of it already. It's not that exciting. I think I'm planning to keep 1 day at Hollister. Then work at Sephora for the rest of my week. I asked the lady working what positions they have; cashier.. blah.. blah.. MAKEUP ARTIST?! I would love to be makeup artist. I think it would be a fun job for me. Don't get me wrong, I'm in no way saying I'm a makeup artist, just a makeup addict.. hehe The lady said the company would send me to school & train me. I just really want to try something new in something that I love. I will definitely keep you guys posted on what happens.
One more thing before I start getting ready for work. I'm thinking of making youtube videos for this blog. Like reviews and hauls.. possibly tutorials and vlogs. I think videos would be fun and you'll get to know me a little more personally (: 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


 For the longest time now, I've been wanting to try a different concealer. I've been using my coastal scents camouflage concealer palette. I like it. But I know I can find something better..that I'll love. I need something with great coverage and something that won't cost so much. I bought 2 concealers. One from Maybelline (super stay concealer 24hour) & the other is from Revlon (photoready concealer). The maybelline one looks like a lip gloss. It has a doe foot applicator. The revlon is in lipstick form.

Applying the super stay was much easier than the photoready. You had to really warm the product for a smooth application. So far, I'm really liking the superstay. The color really blends in with my natural skin tone.

Any concealers that I should try? Please let me know (:

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Christmas tree shops?!? So odd.

Today I went shopping at christmas tree shops. I know its April. And I definitely know it's not christmas time. But apparently the store isn't just for that time of the year. Other times of the year, they sell anything but christmas decor. Since it's Easter time, they have a lot of bunnies & ducks.. and other things of that sort. THEY ALSO HAVE MAKEUP. To me, it's just really odd.  Cuz the name of the store just doesn't fit. But good quality makeup nonetheless. I got a bunch of things, all that I haven't ever tried yet. But been really wanting to.
The first thing that I picked up were makeup remover wipes & green tea cleansing wipes by Epielle. Has anyone ever tried these? I'm always looking for new makeup removers. They were only $1.29 each, which I thought was super good. These wipes are from Korea. And I was surprised they had these. I wil probably do a thorough review on this. On the package, it says that the makeup remover wipes are comparable to Ponds towelettes. Hope they work well.
Then I was going down aisle by aisle and came across rice powder by Palladio. This was I believe $4.27? I think. lol I forgot where I heard of these, not sure whos blog it was. But I knew I had to try it. I got it in warm beige. I have opened the package to do a swatch. But it just wasn't coming up on the camera. The powder smells like a baby powder kind of. I would probably use it to set my foundation.

I also got an Evian facial spray. I never used a spray to refreshen my makeup. So I wanted to try this. I know it's Evian & it is a bit expensive. But $5.27 is a too much for a 1.7 oz bottle.. that fits in palm of my hand. *sighs, this is the only store that I have seen it in. I must find a cheaper one or something like it.
For 89 cents, I got this cute & funny sleep mask that say "wake me for happy hour". Lol, I love happy hour.. for the half off appetizers of course (; 

Rarely, I feel that my face can get oily. I'll have some spots that come out of nowhere. My face is usually dry & I have very sensitive skin. So when these spots come up, I never have oil blotting sheets. I got these sheets cuz these were the only ones I saw. These are from Jean Pierre cosmetics. Ever heard of them? I certainly haven't, hehe.
And then I just needed stuff for my mani & pedis. I needed a nail file & a heel file. I like to keep my heels soft. I hate when my heel gets dry, so I always keep it moisturized. Lol no one likes to see a cracked heel. For awhile now, I haven't been getting my nails done. Cuz I save so much if I do it myself. The nail file was 39 cents? & the heel file was 69 cents. Good deal I'll say. The files seems like they wouldn't wear away so quick.

I'm very satisfied in what I bought. I will do complete reviews soon. Just give me sometime to test them out first (: Thanks for reading xoxo

What's your favorite makeup remover of all time?

Sunday, April 3, 2011


I have time to do my first "Real Talk". I'll start it with a little more about me. Cuz I want you guys to know more about me before I get personal & have serious posts. 

So, my name is Justine. I'm 19 years old. [this is already on my about me, lol]  I was born & raised in Brooklyn, New york. I moved to Northern Central New jersey when I was in the 4th grade. I guess I can be considered a "jersey girl". But I'm sucha city girl. I love the city. I go there as much as I can. I'm mixed filipina. I used to go to the Philippines every year. But now.. I haven't gone there since 5th grade.

I'm currently in school for Biology. I want to graduate and then go back to school for PA(physician's assistant). I want to make loads of $$$, LOL who doesn't? I really don't want to get stuck doing something I hate for the rest of my life. I was going to school for nursing, how Asian of me, right? Lol But I knew it wasn't really for me. I wanted something beyond nursing. So I fell in love with becoming a physician's assistant. Basically you're under a doctor & you can prescribe medicine.

I'm just like any other girl. I love makeup, shopping, clothes, doing my nails.. my hair. I've come a long way from how I used to be. If you believe it or not, I used to be the biggest tomboy. Hated anything girly, anything nice.. anything pink? I only wore black or grey. I had some baggy pants. The only top I knew of was a t-shirt. Thinking about it, I can just laugh. I don't really know what happened or what changed me. I just became super girly. I know I changed when I started high school. It was probably after I got my first serious boyfriend. Even after that, I didn't really wear makeup. I only started wearing makeup the summer of 09, the year I graduated high school. I had just come back from a vacay in Cali. I guess I was super jealous of all the pretty girls there, that I thought I needed to wear makeup. LOL well I guess thats my makeup story & my salute to the gorgeous West coast girls.

As I have mentioned before I'm one of the nicest girls you'll ever meet. But I can be a bitch, if needed. I'm carefree & down to earth. I smile all the time. I'm one of those people that you'll know when I'm not okay. I don't really let things get to me, unless its something really serious. I make friends easily. I'm that type of person to always back up their friends. If we're friends, I'm there for you no matter what. I do have a few best friends. But my bestest friend in the world ever is this one girl, Bridgitte <3 I trust easily. But if you lose my trust, you will have to do so much to get it back. I highly believe in karma, thats why I usually don't do any harm to people I don't like. LOL I SOUND SO EVIL. But I'm not. Anyways yeah, thats just a little more about me. Too personal? lol

What did you think about this first "real talk"?
What should I talk about next?

oh my lanta

MY EYEBROWS ARE SO HORRENDOUS! Like I can't even describe it. I need to get them fixed  asap. I don't know if I want them waxed or threaded. I've gotten them threaded twice after another. But I want something really quick. But then again, threaded looks nicer & cleaner. LOL I can't decide. 

Would you rather get waxed or threaded?


I have work later, 3-8. Lol, I haven't worked since Monday? I'm kinda not in the mood to work. But how else will I get money to buy products to show you guys? (: It's ALL about my followers or the people who check out my blog. I want to do a giveaway soon. But I don't know what I should include in the package & LOL I don't even have many followers. I'll probably just wait when I have a good amount of followers. But I do appreciate all the followers I have now. Thanks for all your support (: I never thought I would ever write a blog. 

I will also be doing posts called "Real talk". I'll be talking about different topics and my view on them. You guys can suggest my next topic, cuz I want to hear from you. I want to know what you guys want to see posted. It could be about anything.. relationships, problems, things that you don't understand? Lol I don't know. But I will talk about it fully & everything I say is my honest opinion. I hope you guys like it.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

SINFUL colors nail polish + FOTD


I don't know whats up with me & polish these days. Sorry bout that. It's just one of the things I usually always buy when I shop. But it sucks that I can't even wear it all the time, cuz I work at Hollister & we can't have polish on our hands. We can only have it on our toes. And we can only have reds or pinks. I think browns too? One co-worker of mine had polish on her hands & the manager made her go to Sephora and take it off. Now thats just too much. Lol Anyways, I'm really liking Sinful colors polish. They're really affordable & have great colors. And again, I picked up a lot of their glittered ones. The bad thing about glittered polish is that it's kinda hard to remove, even with a base coat under. It takes a good amount of my time. I bought 6 of their colors... Folly, Pinky glitter, Nail junkie, I miss yuo, 24/7 & Dream on.

I got in a fight... with my mother. CUZ OF MY DAD.

A little too personal or not, I don't really care. I'll say whatever. To whoever is reading this, I hope you can understand. To whoever is reading this, maybe you can help me.. give me advice. Cuz I really need it. I'm stuck in a house that I don't want to be in. I'm stuck in a family that doesn't care about me. I'm stuck with a father who is cheating on my mom. I'm stuck with a mom that doesn't know what's really going on & it kills me that I know everything. I honestly wish I knew nothing.
My dad goes into my room telling me that I have to clean it & whatnot. Honestly, my room is fine. Just some clothes on the floor and empty bottles on the table. Is that really a reason to flip out on me? I stood up to clean and he's getting even more mad for no reason. The whole thing was stupid. I had a bag of chips and he took it. Lol thats not why I'm in this whole mess. But he takes it and hits me with it. The chips go everywhere, making an even bigger mess. Are you fckin' kidding me!?! Yes, apparently at the age of 19.. I still get hit. I remember back then I used to want to call the cops or something. But where would that get me? Probably a foster home or something. It would just cause more problems. So I had to clean all that ish up. He then gets my mom involved & for some goddamn reason shes even more mad. I'm thinking where the fck do you come from to even get mad at me? First of all you weren't even involved in the first place. She should know how my dad is, he has a really bad temper. She starts yelling at me, trying to hit me. I'm like don't touch me, she hit me & then I hit her back. Not gonna lie, yes you shouldn't hit your mom. But I'm the type of girl that if you disrespect me, don't think you're getting any from me. Hit me, I'll hit you back.
I'm 19 years old for god sakes! This is getting too old. I didn't do anything wrong, wow big deal that there were some things in my room that shouldn't be there. I swear I was so heated, I was about to spill my dad's shit to my mom. Lets see where that takes us.. probably a divorce & I'd probably end up moving out. About my dad's shit, he's been seeing and talking to this other bitch. My mother obviously doesn't know. He wants to leave us. But I guess he's waiting for me to graduate. Cuz of the stress and bs he puts on me, I don't think I'm graduating any time soon. Right now, I don't know what to do. If anyone, could give me advice I'd really appreciate it. Or if anyone has ever been in my spot & knows how I feel, I could really use someone to talk to.

I really hope that this post doesn't make you think I'm some typa bitch, cuz in ALL honestly I'm the total opposite. I'm one of the nicest girls you will ever meet. Sometimes, well most times I'm too nice. But step on my toes, you gotta whole other thing coming.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Sally's Beauty HAUL [pic heavy]

I went to Sally's cuz I've been looking for that crackle polish. For some reason, I have yet to buy it yet. And of course, IT'S SOLD OUT TIL THE MIDDLE OF APRIL!?! S'okaaaay. Instead I bought 2 Chinaglaze polishes. Their deal was 2 for $10. I got this really pretty blue polish that has glitter in it & this purple polish with fine shimmers in it. I don't know why. But I'm really diggin' glitter right now. I usually take one solid polish & top it off with a similar color that has glitter. Really lovin' the purple, since it is my favorite color<3

Then I've been wanting to try a new top coat. I've been using any clear coat. I know a lot of people use Seche Vite & they wouldn't use any other. I got a bottle for myself & actually when I was paying, the lady asked if I had a Sally's card.. I didn't have one yet. So I signed up for one right then & there. Since I became a member, I actually got a a base coat, which is called Seche Clear for free. SCORE! (: Everyone loves free stuff, I know I definitely do. lol It's actually $5 to become a member. But I think it's super worth it, cuz you get so many deals out of it. Both clear coats dry unbelievably fast. I was really impressed with them. I recommend them for sure.

I also bought a nail art tool. I bought a double sided dotter tool that has a little thin brush on the other side. It's a great tool to have. They make perfect dots. LOL of course they do... You can use it to draw things on the nail. I use the thin brush to erase imperfections, like if i accidentally get polish on the skin. I would dip the brush into acetone and brush it away.

Whats your fave nail polish brand?