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Monday, May 23, 2011

Guess who's back?! ME!

So, it's been awhile since I last posted. I've just been so busy. But now that I'm on Summer break.. more posts coming your way! `;D Also, I have a lot of products to review for you guys. I can't wait! I'll even have videos for you guys! Right now I've decided to try "The regimen" from acne.org I've read tons of reviews. My acne right now is not that bad. But it just won't go away. My thing about it is that it's reddish & noticeable. I just cannot stand it anymore. Tomorrow I will definitely post up a video of the products that I will start using.
Acne.org is owned by this guy, Dan Kern. He has made a "regimen" that will fight & has fought acne. On the website he posts the guidelines & you have to follow it exactly for it to work. I'm really hoping I can do it cuz I'm just so not used to how he cares for his skin. It's simple. But I guess it just needs some getting used to. The one thing that is stuck on my mind is to be very, very gentle when cleansing my face & applying product. He says it's very important to be gentle cuz that's we're the irritation can be avoided & will help get completely clear skin. I love how in his guidelines he puts why things are done the way they are.
On the website he suggests drugstore brands to use & then he also has his own online store you can purchase from. For now I'm using things from the drugstore since it's convenient for me than ordering online. But I think I will buying something from him eventually.
In his regimen, it consists of cleansing, treatment & moisturizing. I'm not sure if I can wear make-up or not. I think I'm going to try without make-up first.. ah no make-up ;( I really hope this is the skin care routine for me. It doesn't seem complicated or anything. I just really need to stop touching my face and be aware of what touches my face.. like my pillowcase? lol cuz oil and stuff can be on the pillow then gets transferred on to my face.. yeah. I'm just being really cautious now.

So stay tuned for my video on my first day of THE REGIMEN. I'll keep you updated :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011


I've mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to get hair extensions. I've decided to get Luxy hair extensions. I've done my research. I would make my own extensions cuz its cheaper.. but I'm lazy lol & where I'm from, I can't find good quality clips. There are many good reviews & the Luxy sisters, Leyla & Mimi, who own the company are just gorgeous.

They are both such sweethearts & they have many videos on how to style with their hair extensions. And they also had a very very helpful video on the different colors of extensions. They showed on camera the colors & comparisons of the colors. I was really stuck on which one would to get, so I'm glad they put that video up. I promise to make a review video when I get them.
So if you want to check them out, here is their website: Luxy hair extensions
& here is their youtube channel: luxy channel
I'm super excited to get them & I can't wait to put them on!
I ordered the super luxurious 160g set in darkest brown color #2. They're 20" of remy human hair, which is the best hair you can get. I got the 160g cuz I really want thicker hair & I want it to look more natural. So yeah, stay tuned for a review by me (: