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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why am I still up?

Lately, I've been sleeping so late. I can never just lay down & knock out. Its really taking a toll on my skin. I'm starting to get some serious eye bags & even breaking out a lil. I hate breaking out! I used to NEVER have acne... and I mean NEVER. My face used to be super clear. I really don't know what happened. Then one day I saw 2 pimples... of course I freaked out! I'm an idiot & I thought I needed proactiv. But I actually got a bad reaction to it and broke out even more. I'm one of those people who have really sensitive skin. I also have eczema, which really really sucks. My skin gets irritated easily & get dry skin sometimes. But I'm very lucky that I don't have severe eczema, which is 10x worse than what I have.

So now I have acne clusters sometimes. For almost a year now, I have been trying out different products here & there. Never really found a solid routine quite yet. Right now I've been using a lot of Mario Badescu products & other products from like Target, Walmart or drug stores. I will do a separate post on Mario Badescu, cuz there is a lot to cover. My acne has calmed down a lot. Just a few pimples in some areas. Usually they come up & then dry out on their own. I just want to find a way to keep them from coming back.

My biggest problem right now is the acne scarring. I always have to cover it. It doesn't look so good. The scars are reddish, basically it looks like you know something was there. I haaaate it! 

Someone please help, suggestions would be really appreciated. XO


  1. have you tried going to your dermatologist for these problems? i recently began having some serious under eye circles which are more like all over my eyes and i look like a raccoon !!!! So i went to my dermatologists and all the facials, and products she gives me plus what i use on my own really helped my skin go back to what it was !

  2. my beautiful life*: For someone who has really sensitive skin & eczema, I actually have only gone to a dermatologist when I was a baby.. and thats about it. I really should go see a dermatologist, lol. I'm glad that your skin is back to what it was (: What products have you used on your own, if you don't mind me asking?

  3. I dont really think theres any products that could help scarrings! People say Egyptian Magic Cream but i tried, and it doesnt work. Some others swears by Bio-Oil... But meh. I think you should go to a beauty therapist!

    Or besides surgery.. I really don't know what you can do.. (i'm on the same boat as you) :(

  4. deerest: Aw, thanks anyways. If I find anything that helps, I will let you know.

  5. maybe you've been neglecting your body's need for lots and lots of water? i had that same problem before when i came here in KSA and since then i valued the precious capability of water to detoxify our body, about the pimples mine was red also, as if it was boring itself deep down my skin so the resident dermatologist prescribed me antibiotic.

    Maybe you have been stressed out or you have night outs and you don't have this regular sleeping pattern? well if you have nothing to do at night, once you felt sleep kicking in, jump on the bed then snore away!

    also maybe you're not perspiring very well. Try having a routine exercise to release sweat and exercise also your sweat pores...

    hope it works... simple but applicable to me...

  6. <3 mae <3: Thanks for the tips. I haven't been drinking a lot of water lately. Maybe thats just what I really need. Also I have been super stressed out. I definitely could work out more. Thanks (:

  7. I think a great idea would also to be visit a dermatologist and don't forget, you're still young so your body is actually still changing believe it or not LOL when I was in high school I wouldn't break out when I ate chips/deep fried foods but my my skin reacts to it so I have to moderate my intake lol but I hope all has been well and you get this problem cleared soon! (no pun intended!)

  8. Try skin lightening products! From creams, or if its already in your face washes and etc. My neutrogena mask/ cleanser has a small but good effect on lightening the skin and it got rid most of my scars after a month or two if you use it consistently :)

  9. Neeva Marie B.: Ah, thank you again (: