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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Christmas tree shops?!? So odd.

Today I went shopping at christmas tree shops. I know its April. And I definitely know it's not christmas time. But apparently the store isn't just for that time of the year. Other times of the year, they sell anything but christmas decor. Since it's Easter time, they have a lot of bunnies & ducks.. and other things of that sort. THEY ALSO HAVE MAKEUP. To me, it's just really odd.  Cuz the name of the store just doesn't fit. But good quality makeup nonetheless. I got a bunch of things, all that I haven't ever tried yet. But been really wanting to.
The first thing that I picked up were makeup remover wipes & green tea cleansing wipes by Epielle. Has anyone ever tried these? I'm always looking for new makeup removers. They were only $1.29 each, which I thought was super good. These wipes are from Korea. And I was surprised they had these. I wil probably do a thorough review on this. On the package, it says that the makeup remover wipes are comparable to Ponds towelettes. Hope they work well.
Then I was going down aisle by aisle and came across rice powder by Palladio. This was I believe $4.27? I think. lol I forgot where I heard of these, not sure whos blog it was. But I knew I had to try it. I got it in warm beige. I have opened the package to do a swatch. But it just wasn't coming up on the camera. The powder smells like a baby powder kind of. I would probably use it to set my foundation.

I also got an Evian facial spray. I never used a spray to refreshen my makeup. So I wanted to try this. I know it's Evian & it is a bit expensive. But $5.27 is a too much for a 1.7 oz bottle.. that fits in palm of my hand. *sighs, this is the only store that I have seen it in. I must find a cheaper one or something like it.
For 89 cents, I got this cute & funny sleep mask that say "wake me for happy hour". Lol, I love happy hour.. for the half off appetizers of course (; 

Rarely, I feel that my face can get oily. I'll have some spots that come out of nowhere. My face is usually dry & I have very sensitive skin. So when these spots come up, I never have oil blotting sheets. I got these sheets cuz these were the only ones I saw. These are from Jean Pierre cosmetics. Ever heard of them? I certainly haven't, hehe.
And then I just needed stuff for my mani & pedis. I needed a nail file & a heel file. I like to keep my heels soft. I hate when my heel gets dry, so I always keep it moisturized. Lol no one likes to see a cracked heel. For awhile now, I haven't been getting my nails done. Cuz I save so much if I do it myself. The nail file was 39 cents? & the heel file was 69 cents. Good deal I'll say. The files seems like they wouldn't wear away so quick.

I'm very satisfied in what I bought. I will do complete reviews soon. Just give me sometime to test them out first (: Thanks for reading xoxo

What's your favorite makeup remover of all time?


  1. You got some nice and inexpensive stuff!:D

    Mine would be M·A·C and Olay wipes.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Mine would be an olive oil and water, my eyes are sooo sensitive, that I can not use anything else...(( By the way thnks for review, i have never heard of rice powder, but it sounds nice)):D