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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tatted, once again

Guess who got another tat(sp?)? Me (: I got my first tat February of 2010. I got my second one last night. My first experience wasn't so great, cuz the place I went to was wackkk. I was overcharged & I was all alone in the room with the tattoo artist. I got a bad vibe from the artist also.. it was almost as if he was just rushing to get it done. I don't regret the tattoo, just the place I got it at. So if you're considering a tattoo, please do get a good place with good vibes.I hated the fact that I was alone & a friend couldn't be there for me.. especially since it was my first tattoo. My friends had to wait outside.. so dumb. 
But last night was just so awesome. I was at work & wanted to do something after work. So I DM one of my really good friends. I was like "ITS PAYDAY, LETS GO GET TATTED". Mind you, she works at Hollister with me. We're also family friends. At first, she was like aw, gotta pay people back and stuff.. blah blah blah. But then she was like aw, now I really want one. This was her first tattoo. She was super excited. As we started to figure out where to go & how are we getting there.. stuff like that,  my dad calls me while I was at her house & tells me that he cooked for me. I was like UMMMM, I'm at work.. I'll be home soon. So then we're like shiiiit, what are we gonna do now? While all of that was happening, I still didn't know what to get done. My friend already knew what she wanted, LOVE in korean. The plan was to go home, eat then go get tatted. But when I got home, my dad was of course being an ass & wouldn't let me out. But I always persuade him, cuz I mean I'm 19 already he can't really tell me if I can go out or not.
I was finally let out of the house. So I go pick up my 2 friends. And we head to the tattoo place.. btw yes, last minute I decided what I wanted. But its something that has come across my mind before. I wanted to get roman numerals, 27. Cuz my mom & dad were both born on the 27th. 
I swear the tattoo parlor looks like a dentist office with a bunch of people into deathmetal. Its a real site to see.. hehe I was kinda nervous. But then not really. My friend was way too excited. So she got love in korean on her side. It looks really good. And I got mine on my wrist area.. I say area cuz its not directly on my wrist. I posted some pictures on my twitter, so go check them out. I'll try & get the video up to.. tho I look like a complete mess!

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