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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


 For the longest time now, I've been wanting to try a different concealer. I've been using my coastal scents camouflage concealer palette. I like it. But I know I can find something better..that I'll love. I need something with great coverage and something that won't cost so much. I bought 2 concealers. One from Maybelline (super stay concealer 24hour) & the other is from Revlon (photoready concealer). The maybelline one looks like a lip gloss. It has a doe foot applicator. The revlon is in lipstick form.

Applying the super stay was much easier than the photoready. You had to really warm the product for a smooth application. So far, I'm really liking the superstay. The color really blends in with my natural skin tone.

Any concealers that I should try? Please let me know (:


  1. Have you tried Hard Candy concealers?:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Marie: I've been on the search for them. Heard they were really good.

  3. Wow I really like the Superstay!!! thanks for the review~

    new follower

  4. ♥Love your blog♥

  5. I actually been having Superstay for awhile and I liked it, but I feel like it doesn't have the best coverage ..maybe I just need something more opaque for my taste and my dark spots. Any thoughts?

  6. FOREVER `92: Have you heard of Kat von D concealer. I've seen someone do a review on it on youtube. They said it has really good coverage. Haven't tried it yet. But I think I might, after I use up the Superstay.