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Friday, April 1, 2011

Sally's Beauty HAUL [pic heavy]

I went to Sally's cuz I've been looking for that crackle polish. For some reason, I have yet to buy it yet. And of course, IT'S SOLD OUT TIL THE MIDDLE OF APRIL!?! S'okaaaay. Instead I bought 2 Chinaglaze polishes. Their deal was 2 for $10. I got this really pretty blue polish that has glitter in it & this purple polish with fine shimmers in it. I don't know why. But I'm really diggin' glitter right now. I usually take one solid polish & top it off with a similar color that has glitter. Really lovin' the purple, since it is my favorite color<3

Then I've been wanting to try a new top coat. I've been using any clear coat. I know a lot of people use Seche Vite & they wouldn't use any other. I got a bottle for myself & actually when I was paying, the lady asked if I had a Sally's card.. I didn't have one yet. So I signed up for one right then & there. Since I became a member, I actually got a a base coat, which is called Seche Clear for free. SCORE! (: Everyone loves free stuff, I know I definitely do. lol It's actually $5 to become a member. But I think it's super worth it, cuz you get so many deals out of it. Both clear coats dry unbelievably fast. I was really impressed with them. I recommend them for sure.

I also bought a nail art tool. I bought a double sided dotter tool that has a little thin brush on the other side. It's a great tool to have. They make perfect dots. LOL of course they do... You can use it to draw things on the nail. I use the thin brush to erase imperfections, like if i accidentally get polish on the skin. I would dip the brush into acetone and brush it away.

Whats your fave nail polish brand?


  1. OPI :) Sounds very typical. But I'm just all for quality and I get it cheaper than most people so I'm in no wrong there haha. I used to love China Glaze but some colors seem a little cartoonish for me.

  2. Neeva Marie B.: I like OPI too. Don't you just love hookups? (: